To preserve, conserve and protect our unique way of Life. The Fire Heart Life Project will focus on our traditional spiritual teachings of health, everyday living, harmony, spiritual growth and maturity. We will reach out beyond our borders to individuals committed to positive change for the people.

The Fire Heart Life Project will assist established projects and organizations to promote a healthy, traditional spiritual approach for any crisis which may lead to an early end of Life. It is in our best interest to preserve, conserve and protect the natural pathways of Life for every individual, born on this Earth, with information, education and resolution by facilitating and accessing spiritual awareness.

  The Fire Heart Life Project will seek mental professionals with experience and success in thwarting suicide.

  The Fire Heart Life Project will promote collaborative networking and information sharing to achieve the best results in suicide prevention. We will go beyond our borders to assist other tribes in conquering suicide ideations by promoting a traditional spiritual lifestyle to live Life to its fullest. The Fire Heart Life Project will facilitate traditional healthy pathways of grieving.


  The Fire Heart Life Project acknowledges our unique cultural and spiritual heritage including our cultural values. These values impact our approach to providing care within and beyond our borders. In doing so, we address the early cessation of Life in an ever reaching traditional manner.

  We identify and provide appropriate cultural sensitivity in our health care approach.

  The template for our cultural diversity addresses the four core principles of our well being.

Shelter and Everyday Life
Growth to Maturity for our 7th Generation
Balance, Serenity and Happiness

  The purpose of the Fire Heart Life Project is to reach out and promote healthy Life choices by creating a respectful, safe place where our cultural values are used to guide us in an honorable way.



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