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Tracking the Star Ancestors

Nancy Red Star descends from Redman/Parker/Vann/Mathews Cherokee bloodlines on her mother's side . She is the author of the Star Ancestors Trilogy (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., 2000-03-05, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Germany) and Life With a Cosmos Clearance (Light Technology Publishing,Inc., 2003) and UFOs- No threat, Official Eyewitness Testimony (Light Technology Publishing, Inc., 2005-2006).
In 2005~ Red Star became the Executive Producer, writer and host of her upcoming Feature Documentary entitled, Star Ancestors which is slated for theatrical release and worldwide TV distribution in the winter of 2013.

Red Star directs Willow Spirit Productions, LLC which was created for the purpose of documenting and distributing the archives of the testimony of world Indigenous peoples and CONTACT Talk Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio and Atlantis Rising.

Tracking the Star Ancestors

In addition she has appeared in various Video, Television and Film Productions that include:History Channel~Ancient Aliens- 6 Episodes, Towsend Report , NYC; WCLL Live TV, Owens Broadcasting; Woodstock Cable , NY; ATTITUDES , Lifetime Television , NYC; Silverado - MGM/Larry Kasdan; Red Dawn - MGM/UA; Lone Ranger /Bill Freidkin.

select members of the Industrial Military Complex. Red Star has created a library of Text/ Audio/ Video support documentation for educational Seminars, Lectures and Workshops around the globe. She has been written about in numerous magazines including: Nexus, UFO Magazine, FATE, New York Magazine, ELLE, Shamans Drum, Majical Blend and more.

Red Star is a headliner at speaking engagements that have included the International UFO Congress, Conspiracy Con Conference, Santa Clara, CA, World Universal Expo, the Roswell Museum, Orange County MUFON, The Aztec UFO Symposium, Omega Institute, and she has appeared on Coast to Coast, Whitley Strieber, South African Radio, KRZA Hawaii  

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